Discover your own potential!

Reaching handsMost people don’t aim too high with their goals. They aim too low and then get them — reinforcing that is all there is to life.

Instead, now is your time to stop playing small, start playing bigger, and expand what is possible in this lifetime for you.


Ask yourself these simple questions:

1) Take a look at how you use your time, energy, and money. What are you actually prioritizing and committed to?

2) What is one treasured dream or vision you have for your life?

3) Are you living your life committed to this dream now?

4) In this moment, COMMIT to your dream or vision. Write it down and post it in a place that you will see it multiple times a day.

5) What could you be doing (even if just a small step) to demonstrate your commitment to your big dream or vision?


Then, schedule a time into your calendar (even if for just 10 minutes tomorrow — or better yet today!) to move yourself closer to living into your dream…your vision…your commitment to yourself.

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